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"I believe that tranquility and the meditative state harbor a vital force, the force of expression."

Sigg's universal images are a synthesis of his outer sight and inner vision. This search for inner vision is a search for human insights... a search for what life is all about... a search for the essence... and he makes this search through art. An abundance of life experiences informs his search:


June 29, 1924: Zurich, Switzerland.


School of Applied Art

1944-47: Attended School of Applied Art; Zurich, Switzerland


Academie Andre Lhote

1947: Attended Academie Andre Lhote, Paris, France



1949: Married Hilda Jorger


Study trips

1956-59: Study trips to Italy, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Greece and Germany


Birth of Son

1956: Birth of son Daniel


Artist in Residence

1966-68: Became "artist in residence in the sky" for Swissair

Study trips to Morocco, Spain Tunisia, Sardinia and Near East: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel

Study trips to the Far East: India, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong


Study Trips

1970-79: Study trips to Greece (Crete), Ceylon, Java, Bali, New York, Nepal, India, Egypt and southern Italy


Study Trips

1980-89: Study trips to Sicily, Thailand, Burna, Malaysia, Morocco, Germany


Study Trips

1990-99: Study trips to New York, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China


US Exhibitions

2000-03: United States Exhibition tour to twelve venues



2003-18: Seventeen gallery and museum exhibitions in New York, Zurich, Atlanta (GA), Oxford (OH), Fairfield (CT)


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