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Selected Collections

Fairfield University Art Museum, Fairfield, CT
Taryn and Chris Meade, Santa Monica, CA
VP Bank Kunststiftung, Liechtenstein
Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH
Godwin-Ternbach Museum, City University of New York, New York, NY
Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, IN
Siemens Corporation, (Commission for New Jersey Headquarters Lobby)
Bank Julius Baer, Zurich, Switzerland
The Barbier-Mueller Collection, Geneva, Switzerland
Hans Bechtler, Zurich, Switzerland
Walter Bechtler, Zollikon, Switzerland
Berner Allgemeine Insurance Co., Bern, Switzerland
Rudolf Blum, Zumikon, Switzerland
Buehrle Collection, Zurich, Switzerland
City of Zurich Art Collection, Zurich, Switzerland
Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland
Ewing Gallery of Art & Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Family Baer Collection, Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Hans Gerling, Cologne, Germany
Gerling Insurance Collection, Cologne, Germany
Andreas Giedion, Zurich, Switzerland
Paul and Margrit Hahnloser, Friborg, Switzerland
Helvetia Insurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland
Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland
Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, PA
Mobilier Insurance Compay, Bern, Switzerland
Moos-Flury Foundation, Biberist, Switzerland
Morgan Guaranty Trust, Zurich, Switzerland
Museum of Art Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Museum of Art, Chur, Switzerland
Museum of Art, Olten, Switzerland
Museum of Art, Solothurn, Switzerland
Museum of Art, Thun, Switzerland
Pfizer, Inc., New York, NY
State Bank of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Cantonal Bank, Zurich, Switzerland
State Hospital of Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
State Hospital of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Hotel Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
State of Zurich Art Collection, Zurich, Switzerland
Swiss Federal Government Collection, Bern, Switzerland
Swissair Collection, Zurich, Switzerland
Swiss National Bank, Zurich, Switzerland
Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland
Wasserwerk, Kloten, Switzerland
Winterthur Insurance, Winterthur, Switzerland

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